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24 Things to Remember in Your Twenties

April 2, 2019

how to survive your twenties

It’s time to conquer your twenties. Other people celebrate New Year’s Eve like it’s a new year. I celebrate my birthday that way instead.

There are a lot of big changes happening in my life right now, so there’s no better time for this post than now. Here’s to 24!

Last year I did a post about 23 Things I Learned in 23 years. That piece was more personal, but this one is all about the universal lessons and tips that we can take through our twenties.

1. Many things that initially seem bad are actually blessings in disguise. Listen to the universe. It’s probably pushing you towards something better because you didn’t have the will to move forward on your own.

2. Keep those wilted roses for the aesthetic.

3. Corn bread isn’t a vegetable substitute, but it’s okay to pretend like it is sometimes.

4. Spritz aromatherapy scents on your bed every night.

5. Clean through old clothes. Cultivate a wardrobe that’s versatile and better for the environment. In other words, stop buying things that you’ll probably get rid of in a year.

6. Take more photos. You’ll be grateful for it later on.

7. Take time to sit down and read.

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8. Believe in something. Anything. Living an excessively skeptical life isn’t an interesting personality trait. It’s boring.

9. Bullet journal more often.

10. Smell lots of lavender. It’s one of the most refreshing and calming scents you’ll find.

11. Hand write letters and notes more often.

12. Actually eat an apple a day. They’re delicious.

13. Resilience is perhaps the most important trait you can have.

14. Coconut oil is the ultimate beauty hack. It’ll make you feel ethereal for at least a couple of hours.

15. Reality TV shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. It’s pretty hilarious.

16. If ginger ale upsets your stomach, like it does for me, try Sprite.

17. The nectar of life is ice water with lemon.

18. End that toxic friendship before it destroys you. Quit that job when you want to quit. Listen to your instinct. When the red flags are there, telling you to leave, listen and do it. And never feel bad about it.

Don’t suffer in a job you hate because you feel bad about leaving or because it’s just easier to stay. Don’t maintain a toxic relationship or friendship out of misplaced loyalty. If it’s not adding joy or value to your life, leave it behind. I’ve had two instances this year where something ended exactly a year after it started. That’s a sign. Leave on your own, or the universe will push you forward… and it might end up hurting more.

how to survive your twenties

19. If Daenerys Targaryen wouldn’t be bothered by it, neither should you.

20. Go on adventures as often as possible.

21. Milkshakes cure sadness at least 90% of the time.

22. And sea breeze is the cure 99% of the time.

23. Flower crowns should be an acceptable accessory year round. Embrace it.

24. You’re still young. You’re just beginning. There’s much more greatness to come.

How are you surviving your twenties?

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