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A Blogger’s Tasting At Linganore Winery

June 21, 2018

I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogging wine tasting event at the lovely Linganore Winery in western Maryland…

But first – a quick life update: I finally moved into a new apartment! Which is why content has been lagging… and also why this post is two months after the actual event. But I figure wine is always timely. And Linganore is probably even better in the summer.

First of all, the grounds are so breathtaking, even with melting snow. I can’t imagine how gorgeous it must be in the warmer seasons.

We sampled a lot of wine. So much so, that I looked at my friend, Alicia, and told her I would have to stop if I was going to be able to drive us home. Being a lightweight has its perks, but lasting through wine tastings isn’t one of them.

The tasting focused on dry wines, which are actually my favorites. Linganore is renowned for their sweet wines, but they have some superb dry ones as well.

The people at Linganore definitely know their wines. I learned so much about different types of wine and winemaking in general. For instance, I had no idea that the barrels in which the wines are stored makes a difference with the taste. That makes complete sense, but I never thought much about it.

I feel like a huge characteristic of our society today is that we don’t see much of where our food and drink comes from. We just go to the grocery store or liquor store and buy a bottle. It was so fascinating to see exactly where my wine was coming from. They literally went into the barrels and got us samples straight from the source.

After the tasting was over they gifted us with a bag of treats to take home. That wine glass will definitely come in handy…

What is your favorite wine? Do you prefer sweet or dry wines?

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