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Travel Diaries: Cliffs of Moher

November 21, 2017

The Cliffs of Moher are among the most wondrous, breathtaking spots I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Too bad I couldn’t even see them the first time… and good thing I went back for a second visit.

I was not prepared for my first trip to the cliffs. My coat was water-resistant, not waterproof. That’s something I discovered very quickly. My gloves were a thin, knitted material. I ditched those at the visiting center because they were soaked and unsalvageable.

The day didn’t start off quite that wet though.

We had a bunch of stops before the cliffs, and it started raining more and more with each stop. The wind… I think the wind was the worst part.

By the end of the day, my makeup was completely gone, my hair was drenched, and my coat was frozen. Yes, I did get sick from this trip. It was definitely one of the most hardcore days abroad. Not only did we venture through a monsoon, but we also slept in the airport that night.

I didn’t actually sleep at all, and was borderline delirious when we landed in Edinburgh.

Now it sounds pretty miserable, and in the moment it was. But looking back, it’s one of my favorite memories. We bought giant blue ponchos at the gift shop… because why not? Honestly, I needed the poncho. I think everyone else just bought them to look funny. The most we got to see of the cliffs was a giant picture printed across all the bathroom stalls…

Obviously, I always encourage you to watch the vlog for all of my travel posts… but this one… this is the one I recommend the most. It’s super short and pretty hilarious. I risked my phone’s life filming footage in this storm, and it was 100% worth it. I’ve linked it down below, or you can click here!

I returned to the cliffs with my dad in early April. While we visited, I tried to convey to him just how insane my last visit was, but it was hardly believable in comparison to the day we had. The skies were clear and sunny. It was actually fairly warm. There was a light, refreshing breeze. It was the epitome of a perfect day. I walked around in shock. It didn’t even look like the same place.

… and I finally got to see the cliffs!

Fun Fact: The Cliffs of Moher are the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride. There’s also a short scene in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince here as well. It’s the dramatic scene where Dumbledore and Harry are standing on a giant rock in the ocean, preparing to find one of Voldemort’s horcruxes.



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