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February 13, 2018

The Future is Female.  ||  Liz Cowan, who helped revitalize this slogan, says that “it is such a powerful, magical phrase that I believe it even repels corporate corruption. It is its own armor.” And the initial idea was “to absorb two power archetypes, and to imagine them in relationship to each other.” As soon as I saw this shirt, it was immediately in my shopping cart.

Join the movement. 

Poppy Apparel is an online store that sells clothes made by independent designers. Their motto is “curated fashion, small designers”. They even have applications on their website for designers to apply. I think it’s a really cool concept, and I’m excited to be sharing my first purchase from them. It was pretty much the perfect opportunity to combine an issue I’m passionate about with blogging, photography, and my love for fashion.

Poppy Apparel has an entire #FEMINISM collection, and tons of other great curated lines to shop through as well. There are so many amazing, unique items to choose from, and it’s very reasonably priced. Honestly, I’m already eyeing up some of the rompers and dresses they have for the warmer weather.

You can find the Future Is Female shirt here.

I have another shirt on its way (that’s a bit outside my comfort zone), but I was super excited to shoot in this one first.

It’s a comfortable, well-made tee. You can’t see the length because I’m a high-waisted fiend and decided to tuck it in, but it’s a normal length. It doesn’t come down too far, but long enough that you could still wear leggings. I got mine in a medium size, and it fits comfortably, but if you like your tees a bit looser, which I sometimes do, then I would order a size up. It also comes in black and white.

Join the movement, and save some moola with code “elizajay10” to receive 10% off your order at checkout !! 

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