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Harry Potter and the Top Trumps: Review & Giveaway

November 5, 2018

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You may think that card games and board games are just for kids, but Top Trumps is actively proving you wrong.

I was recently sent a very generous bundle of Top Trumps games, focusing mostly on their Harry Potter series. You may not have heard of Top Trumps games, but they’ve actually been around for 35 years and have been a best-selling game in England since the 1970s!

This blog is mostly focused on film and travel, two topics that don’t always intersect easily… but Top Trumps actually bridges the gap very well. It’s one of the easiest games I’ve learned to play, and it’s the perfect game to bring along with you on travels. Whether you play it in the airport, a train, a hotel, or on a plane… its compact design and simple directions make it the ideal travel game.

I haven’t played with each pack yet, but I’ve gone through all of them and looked at all the cards. The game is the same regardless of your pack, they just vary in theme. Aside from Harry Potter, I also received some Marvel and DC packs.

captain america

There is a card with instructions in every pack, but I’ll give you a rundown of the basic way the game works –

The dealer passes out cards to every player until all cards are passed out. Each player can only look at one card at a time. The player to the dealer’s left picks a category on their card. After the player calls out their character, category, and level, everyone does the same for their card. Whoever has the highest number in that category wins and takes everyone else’s cards. The goal of the game is to be the one with all the cards in the end aka the Top Trump. I think of this game as the lovechild of Egyptian Ratscrew and Pokémon.

You don’t have to be a hardcore Potter (or Marvel and DC) fan to play any of these games! Although, there is another facet to the game if you are because it’s interesting to see all the scores of different strengths for the various characters. If you’re playing with other fans, this is something that would be fun to debate and discuss.

Also as a fan, I lowkey want to just collect some of these cards and put them on display. Some of the packs have such beautiful designs! They’re all wonderfully designed, but both of the Deathly Hallows packs are my personal favorites.

harry potter

Another really cool thing about these games is the strength levels change throughout the packs, which is definitely notable for all the Harry Potter ones. For example, Harry’s magic level is obviously much higher in the Deathly Hallows deck than in the the Prisoner of Azkaban deck. So make sure you keep your desks separate! However, I found that Dumbledore is consistently one of the strongest characters in every pack. No surprise there. He’s like having a jack in Egyptian Ratscrew.

And now for the best part… I’ve teamed up with Top Trumps to offer you a chance to win some games of your very own. The giveaway will be held over on Twitter, and three lucky winners will be receiving a bundle of Top Trump games! Find out how to enter below, and good luck!

HP bundle

Giveaway: Begins on Wednesday, November 7th – and ends on Wednesday, November 14th. The winners will be announced on Friday, November 16th!

How To Enter:


  • US applicants only.
  • No spam or retweet accounts, please.
  • Must comply with Twitter safety/community rules.

Good luck, everyone!

And if you want to check out some of the other themed games right now, head on over to Top Trumps! They have so many different packs, from Star Wars to Greek Mythology, you’ll definitely find something you love.

*This post contains gifted items and experiences. All opinions are my own, honest, and uninfluenced by sponsors.*

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