Out With The New Year & In With The New Moon

December 31, 2017

I hate New Year’s resolutions. Begrudgingly, I’ve done them in the past because it just seems like The Thing To Do. But, honestly, they’re complete garbage.

No one ever sticks to them past January. Maybe February if you’re strong-willed. One day and a short list of great aspirations, likened to a wish list, isn’t going to magically change your life. Time is key.

That’s why this year my New Year’s resolution is to start doing Moon Resolutions. Rather than an annual laundry list of things I’m going to forget and lose motivation to complete, I’m going to adhere to monthly resolutions that correspond with the cycle of the moon.

That’s not to say I don’t have any hopes and goals for next year. I do. But they’re not resolutions. This time next year I’d like to have a job that I’m happy with and be laying the foundations of a more permanent life. That’s a direct contrast to where I am right now. It’s a realistic hope that I have for next year.

The point of doing monthly resolutions is to make those big goals and aspirations more accessible. Monthly resolutions are baby steps to the Big Kahuna.

One of my Big Kahuna Resolutions might be to have a prospering blog with a good audience and revenue. That’s a huge goal… with no real, specific steps mapped out to getting there.

Instead, I’d rather make a few smaller, more doable monthly goals for myself. So cheers to a year of Moon Cycle Resolutions.

moon phases

But… How exactly do you make Moon Resolutions?

Don’t worry. I got you.

The more common phrase for what I’m talking about is New Moon Manifestation. But that sounds a little witchy, and although I’ll happily embrace that, it may scare some people off. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the New Moon. You could do it with Full Moon as well… I just think it works better and makes more sense with the New Moon.

The New Moon is essentially a clean slate. It’s a fresh start.

You do the same thing you normally would for New Year’s, but this time you synchronize it with the moon’s cycle. That way you’re making goals more frequently and harnessing energy from the moon. You may not believe in that, but hey… if the moon is strong enough to create the tides, then it’s got some serious power. I choose to let that motivate me. Also, you’re reading the blog of a girl with a moon tattoo on her arm. What do you expect?

Regardless of your belief in the moon’s physical energy, writing your goals down each month and using the moon’s cycle to track your progress is a brilliant way to accomplish your resolutions. It makes a lot more sense than writing a hefty wish list at the beginning/end of each year. Practice, consistency, and dedication are key.

Also, you need to write them down. Find a journal. Take some time for yourself. Relax. And write. You need to give these goals a physical place to manifest and reside. Writing things down is always my greatest piece of advice for everything because it simultaneously clears your mind.

Ultimately, New Moon Manifestations or, as I called it earlier, Moon Cycle Resolutions are all about cleansing and renewal.

If you’re not a mystical, astrology-loving person… then stop here. That’s all you need to know. If you want to get a little more cosmic and in-sync with the astrological side of things, then I have one more tip.

Tailor your intentions to each New Moon’s position in the zodiac. For example, if the moon is in Cancer for July, focus on emotional manifestations. Research the key components of each sign, and use that as a guide.

You don’t need to wait 365 days for a fresh start. Your “new year” can start with every new moon.

Are you gonna try making some New Moon Manifestations? What goals are on your list? 

Happy New Year! 

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