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A Fairytale Wedding at Thornewood Castle

January 24, 2019

thornewood castle washington wedding

I can officially cross ‘attend a wedding at a castle’ off my bucket list. And Thornewood Castle didn’t disappoint.

Thornewood Castle is a beautiful, 500-year-old Tudor Gothic castle located in Lakewood, WA, which is about an hour outside of Seattle. You may also recognize Thornewood Castle as Stephen King’s Rose Red Mansion.

thornewood castle wedding

I met the bride, Meridia, while studying abroad in England, so it was very fitting to be reunited at an actual castle.

America doesn’t have many castles, and although Thornewood is less like Neuschwanstein and more likened to Hampton Court, it was refreshing to be amidst old, European architecture again.

Although Washington is significantly warmer than Maryland, there was still a misty chill in the air on the wedding day. But with my favorite rosé flowing, we managed to explore the grounds a bit.

The front of the castle is majestic, but the back is just as beautiful. The castle is tucked away behind cascading trees and sits on the shore of American Lake. Honestly, Washington is just a wholly breathtaking state. You could build a castle anywhere, and it would blend in with the scenery as naturally as the snow-dipped mountains.

The grounds of the castle aren’t huge, but they made room for the most important addition to any magical atmosphere – a life size chess board. There’s also a “secret garden”, but we didn’t have a chance to venture into that area.

Inside the castle is definitely a bit more eerie, and I can totally see why they chose it for a Stephen King series. Meridia and her husband, Stewart, got to stay the night, and they were the only guests, so they were free to roam the castle like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast. Apparently one room was “off limits” because they’ve had strange things happen… and as ominous as that sounds, it just makes me love the place even more.

Thornewood Castle definitely manages to walk the delicate line between a ghostly aura, straight from The Haunting of Hill House, and a dreamy royal residence from any Disney film. So basically the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast, but without sky-scraping turrets and talking furniture. Although, now that I’m actively thinking about it, we actually sat next to a table that had an old clock and candelabra sitting on it, and we all remarked that they looked like Lumiere and Cogsworth. So this reference is even more accurate than I initially realized.

The castle is only opened to guests staying at the bed & breakfast and special events… so if you want to visit and escape the city, definitely consider booking a night here!

thornewood castle

thornewood castle


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