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5 Things That May Be Ruining Your Skin and You Don’t Even Know it

May 3, 2019

things that could be hurting your skin

My skin has been particularly troublesome lately, all due to things that are a bit more difficult to regulate, like stress and hormones.

However I’ve found that even through the worst skin crisis, there are certain, lesser known, habits that can have a huge impact on your skin’s health.

Obviously you should always cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize. You should always use non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your pores, like the skincare and beauty lines from Glossier. If you’re not doing those things… start doing them. But what are the things that could be ruining your skin, and you don’t even know it?

Skin Tip #1: Not using a white wash cloth

This may be a total myth, but someone told me this at a salon once, and I’ve never been able to go with a different color since. She pointed out that the colored dye in other wash cloths could be harmful for your face, and it was something I’d never thought of before. I was always more concerned with staining my face cloth with makeup. But when you think about it, who cares if it gets stained? Just wash it and use it again. It’s being used for the same thing every time anyway.

Tip #2: Not changing your pillowcase

You may not think about it, but changing your pillowcase is actually an integral part of your skincare routine. You obviously don’t have to change it every day, but I’d say once a week is a good time frame. If you’re having a lot of issues with your skin, then maybe even once a week would be ideal.

Tip #3: Not washing your makeup brushes/sponges (and neglecting to buy new ones)

You probably already do this, but just in case you don’t… Cleaning and habitually changing anything that’s used on your face is paramount.

I use the real tehniques blend and blur brush. It’s a lot easier to clean than their sponges, which is why it’s my new favorite makeup brush.

Tip #4: Taking hot showers

I’m pretty bad at following through with this one because hot showers feel pretty luxurious, especially during cold weather months. I don’t have dry skin, so it probably doesn’t affect me too much, but if you suffer from dry skin, beware of hot showers. Just like hot water on your hair, it can be very drying.

If you can’t quit hot showers, I recommend waiting to wash your face until you get out and using cooler water.

Tip #5: Drinking the wrong things

Believe me, I love a fun night out… but alcohol and sugary beverages are not a friend to your skin. But you know what is? WATER.

I’ve been in a battle with my Dad about how he needs to drink more water. Even if you aren’t thirsty, drink it! I try to keep water with me at all times of the day, and I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking it regardless of thirst. Once you form the habit, it’s really easy.

People tend to really neglect their daily h2o in the winter because dehydration is less of a worry. But believe me, water is a year round trend that you need! And your skin will be thanking you for it.

What are some of your skincare secrets?

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