Why Summer is Actually the Worst Season

April 14, 2017

when summer ends

Summer is the worst season. There, I said it.

Summer is all about the heat, and being hot is the worst feeling in the world. You’re cold? Put on a sweater. Grab an extra blanket. You’re hot? Oh well. I guess you can try to tear off your skin. Or just pay a lot for the AC.

When you’re cold, you can still function. When you’re hot, you can’t move around or do anything without sweating and feeling gross. And I’m not talking about outside temperatures. Frigid cold and extreme heat are equally awful when you’re stuck outside for long periods of time.

But when you’re inside? There’s no competition. Getting out of the shower and wondering whether you’re still wet or already sweating? It’s disgusting. People always snap a million pictures about “enjoying the warm weather!” Yeah… you won’t be smiling when it’s 100 degrees and your hair is sticking to your neck while your legs stick to the car seat.

I’ll easily admit to enjoying a breezy spring day in the 70s, especially after a cold winter. But more than a few minutes moving around in direct sunlight? You’re probably sweating and complaining that it’s hot. I literally experienced this the other day. We went outside for a class assignment. It was around 84 degrees, and everyone was eager to get out of the classroom. But after 15 minutes in the sun, everyone was stripping off what they could, desperate for a cold drink, and wanting to go inside because they were too hot.

Winter fashion is better than summer fashion.

No question. Scarves, boots, sweaters, hats… Summer fashion has some perks, but if you’re self conscious about any part of your body, it’s a nightmare. Black isn’t even a real option because it’s HOT. And let’s not get started on bathing suit shopping. If you’re super confident about your body, then I’m sure it’s a great time. If you’re not, believe me, it’s the worst.

If you don’t own a pool, belong to a pool, live at the beach, go on a lot of vacations… summer is pretty much a fiery hell of despair.

Even when you’re off from school. It’s just boring after awhile. Nothing can compare to the delight of October – December.

Sunburn hurts. Sunscreen is oily and annoying. 

Being tan is nice. I’ll give summer that one. But if you get sunburnt easily, it’s a rough time.
(I actually don’t really get sunburnt, so this isn’t even a complaint of mine.)

The demons of hell rise from the ground and come for you. 

In case you’re confused, I’m talking about bugs.

The humidity is killer.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a dryer area, then this isn’t an issue for you. But Maryland is the beacon of humidity in the summer. Humidity is horrible. Hair gets frizzy. Skin gets sticky. Rooms are stuffy. And you always feel kind of dirty.

And, finally, I’ll circle back to the ultimate hindrance of Summer. It’s hot.

Being hot is the absolute worst. You have to constantly be drinking water or else you’ll get sick and pass out. Everyone is sweaty. It all just accumulates to create the worst feeling in the world.

Now, to be fair, here is the short list of things I actually like about summer…

1. Snowballs and Rita’s Italian Ice. Basically any COLD, icy treat.
2. Being on a hot beach and then dipping into the COLD ocean for a swim.
3. Having a nice, COLD water or lemonade on a sweltering day.
Catching a theme here? The best things about summer are methods to cool down and escape the heat.
4. Being tan… unless you’re one of those people who only has two settings, pale or burnt.
5. Sundresses. (Which you can still wear in the summer with tights and a cardigan.)

I don’t need a winter home in Florida. Buy me a summer home in Iceland, please.

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    Adele Miner
    April 15, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    Haha this is a funny post, I am usually so excited for Summer but this year not so much for some reason, I am really looking forward to Autumn already haha. You have a wonderful blog here anyway, you should be proud of all your hard work!

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