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A Budget Weekend Guide to Seattle

January 24, 2019

pike place market seattle washington

Seattle – home to the famous space needle and the even more famous Meredith Grey.

Seattle was always a city I had on a very long list of places to visit, but it never quite reached the Top 10 – though it definitely should’ve and if you haven’t visited, it should be topping your list as well. Although I was excited to explore a new city, my main reason for going to Seattle was to attend my friend’s wedding. I wrote all about Meridia’s beautiful wedding at Thornewood castle, just outside the city of Seattle, and it’s definitely a place worth checking out if you want to spend a night outside the city.

Seattle is the most chill city I’ve ever visited. I’m generally not a city dweller kind of person, but it’s definitely the type of place I could see myself living. It feels like the antithesis to NYC, which is probably why I loved it so much.

It’s an easy city to navigate through as well. For one weekend, we covered so much ground…



budget weekend guide seattle

Length of Stay:

There’s so much to do in Seattle, and I’m sure there are things we didn’t get to… but we were definitely able to do a lot.

Accommodation: Residence Inn by Marriott – Seattle Downtown/Convention Center

I would live in this hotel if I could. They upgraded us free of charge because our room was next to loud construction, and offered it right away at the check-in desk. Our suite felt like a studio apartment (with one extra bed).

There’s a complimentary breakfast spread, and the hotel is in a really good location for getting around the city. It’s about a 15 minute walk to  the Space Needle and a 15 min walk to Pike Place Market.


It rains sporadically, but it’s usually pretty misty. We were there in the middle of January, so you’d think it would be pretty cold… but not at all. A light jacket is all you really need. It got a little windy at times, but compared to the temperatures back east, it’s an amazing climate. Also the difference in humidity was very noticeable. My makeup lasted a full day without having to blot once. A few hours back home and I’m reaching for my blotting paper.


pike place market seattle


Things To Do

Pike Place Market:

Why doesn’t every city have a year round market like this? It was the first place we visited and definitely one of my favorite spots. Aside from the Space Needle, it’s one of the most iconic sites in the city.

pike place market seattle


The Original Starbucks:

We didn’t actually go inside because no one felt super compelled to stand in a long line, but it’s definitely worth seeing from the outside.

The original Starbucks is located right next to Pike Place Market, which is where the name of its signature brew derives from, so it’s easy to go by and snap some photos.

original first starbucks seattle


The Gum Wall:

It’s extremely gross and oddly intriguing in equal measure.

The Gum Wall is also located at Pike Place Market, down some stairs and a long alleyway. You’d expect it to smell bad, but luckily it didn’t have any type of stench. It’s a bit dark and crowded, so it was hard to get good photos, but the walls are completely coated in gum. This may not sound like anything worth seeing, but in person it’s pretty astounding – just don’t touch anything.

gum wall pike place market seattle


Gasworks Park:

Another oddity of Seattle is an old coal gasification plant from the 1900s… that has since been abandoned, purchased by the city, and opened as a recreational park.

The park is filled with all the old machinery and pipework from the plants and sports a beautiful waterfront view of downtown Seattle. It’s a great place to go for some photos – because where else are going to find an abandoned industrial park that’s not condemned?

gasworks park seattle


The Space Needle:

Built in 1962 for the World’s Fair, It’s definitely the most iconic building in Seattle.

Since you have to pay to go up, and we were more interested in spending money at MoPop, we didn’t actually go up to the viewing deck, but it’s still worth seeing up close. And if you’re feeling fancy and looking for a unique place to eat, check out the spinning restaurant at the very top.

The Space Needle is located right next to MoPop (which is a must-see). It’s also right next to the Science Center and Chihuly Glass exhibit, so there’s a lot of interesting things to do in the area.

space needle seattle washington



If I had to choose my top place to visit in Seattle, it would be the Museum of Pop Culture aka MoPop. Coming from the East Coast, right outside Washington DC, I’m a frequent museum-goer, but this is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever visited. It’s interactive, beautifully designed, and it has something for everyone regardless of age or gender.

Ticket Price: $28 + $8 for Marvel Exhibit (you can save money if you buy online)

wizard of oz dorothy dress mopop


The museum’s two main focuses are music and film. Although I was much more interested in the film aspects, the musical exhibits were cool as well. Their exhibits change over time, but when we visited the featured musical ones were Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Jimi Hendrix. For film, they have exhibits focusing on different genres including: Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy. Predictably, the Fantasy wing was my favorite. I could’ve stayed in there for hours.

fantasy throne mopop


The current special exhibit is all about Marvel superheroes and the history of the films and comics. With heroic music swelling in the background, you can see all the different costumes from the movies, photo setups with various characters, and interactive exhibits. Although he isn’t my favorite hero, my favorite exhibit was definitely Doctor Strange’s – full of mystical music, strange lights, and a long hall of mirrors.

marvel spiderman mopop seattle


Fremont Troll:

I wasn’t sure we would be able to get to the Fremont Troll, but we did! If you’ve watched Once Upon A Time, then you’ll recognize the Fremont Troll. I was so excited to visit, and oddly enough it was one of my favorite spots.

fremont troll once upon a time

fremont troll seattle washington

budget weekend guide seattle


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